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The achievements and scams of e-commerce

Infography and analysis by Nathalie Villard and Bruno Declairieux for Capital magazine.

Find out more, by reading Jeremie Herscovic’s analysis in this article :

Les exploits et les arnaques de l’e-commerce

CARMILA, Commerce stimulator

Anne-Laure Joumas, customer, digital and innovation manager at Carmila was interviewed by the French newspaper “ Points de vente”.

During her interview, Anne-Laure Joumas explained how Carmila assists companies in their marketing strategy both physical and digital .

Learn more about Carmilla, retail stimulator, here.

Monitor the Click and Collect in a mixed network

“If the Click & Collect revenue is not applied to the chosen pick-up store, it will not ensure a qualitative service. On another note, you need to consider how to compensate affiliates and retailers for online revenues. The brand should share profits by giving back a commission.” for Jérémie Herscovic, CEO of SoCloz.

To find out more : Monitor the Click and Collect in a mixed network

How not to miss out a sale again ?

“Challenged by a decrease in in-store traffic and by the increasing power of Internet giants, companies and retail brands diversify their offer to ensure not missing out any sale. They are currently doing anything in their power to make sure to fight stock shortage to be able to satisfy all their customers’ needs, should it be online or in-store”

To find out more, read this article by Jeremie Herscovic, published on the Journal du textile.

How not to miss out a sale again ?

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Let’s meet in Monaco! : at the e-Commerce One-to-One conference in March

As you probably know, the online shopping experience has changed our buying habits and pushes the retail to reinvent its in-store experience offer. In this context, how to generate more in-store traffic, boost store transformation rate or optimise operating strategies ?

We will be glad to discuss these new challenges together during the e-COmmerce One-to-One fair from 20 to 22 of March !

Attending the fair ? Let’s plan a meeting together right now !

 I take an appointment

This meet-up will also be your chance to discover:

  • A roadmap type of Retail Digitalization, a workshop presented by Jérémie Herscovic, founder and president of SoCloz, Wednesday, March 21st from 2:00 to 2:45, in room 6
  • Come to discover our solutions on our stall (F2 G 012) and join live simulations on our digital tablets to understand better our unique and centralised platform.

See you soon in Monaco !

Press release

Focus on the major business strategies for the year 2018

Who said that physical stores were going to disappear ?

2017 showed a regain in stores’ frequentation, demonstrating that points of sale still had their place in the consumers’ heart.

Today, purchases in physical stores represent over 85% of sales with a transformation rate 20 times higher than it is on the Internet. According to the INSEE, we will observe this year the highest business climate for the past ten years.

According to a study conducted by Procos between October and November 2017, the share of investment in business digitalization is going to rise sharply in both:

–       Web-to-store (Click & Collect, Click & Reserve…).

–        Web-in-store (in-store order, POS…)

Retailers adopt an ever more omnicanal strategy to, among other objectives, digitise their stores. They are brought to rethink their in-store experience offer and reorient the salesperson at the heart of a new omnicanal strategy.

The connected salesperson, only intermediate between the brand and the customer, becomes the expert in front of an always more informed customer.

For this reason, SoCloz places the improvement of the selling experience at the center of its solutions.

European market leader, SoCloz works with over a hundred groups including Sephora, Lancel and Pimkie. Every day, 25,000 stores deployed in 13 different countries and operating in all sectors, profit from the SoCloz experience. In addition, the company has recently signed an important contract in the Middle East and plans to pursue its deployment in Asia and the United States very shortly.

Mutualise your points of sale with the SoCloz Unified Stock solution

In France, Black Friday has become a must of this end-of-the-year period (24 to 26 of November 2017); the time for companies to strategically offer promotions exactly one month before Christmas. For this reason, each year, Black Friday seduces more consumers.

Over 8 millions French people are expected to purchase for more than 944 million euros this year, a real opportunity to boost both on and offline traffic.

According to the last Kantar TNS’ study*, 47% of the French people begin their Christmas purchases during Black Friday. Black Friday seduces and gains in popularity with 63% of the French people saying  they have heard about Black Friday and been offered deals.

According to a recent Dealabs’ study, The 2017 Edition of Black Friday should offer similar deals and observe similar sales volumes in-store and online. For this reason omnicality could make a difference by implementing web-to-store or store-to-web solutions that will optimise revenues for both channels.

Optimise your customer experience by choosing the SoCloz Unified Stock solution, perfectly adapted for Black Friday.

The benefit for you ?

This solution allows to mutualise virtually your stocks, eliminate stock shortages, reduce transporting fees and optimise stock rotation.

The Unified Stock solution works  to retain customers thanks to a greater product availability. For example, very often, a product, that might be missing in the web stock, is available in-store (and even  overstocked).

For more information on this SoCloz solution: ask for a demo.

*Online Study by Kantar TNS on a sample of 2,883 French people aged from 18 to 64 years old for eBay (October 2017)

Stay tuned: SoCloz just launch its new radio campaign!

Listen to us on the radio everyday to discover more about our platform  and understand better how a good vendor experience makes a good customer experience.

Discover the campaign :

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