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Partez à la conquête de l’Europe avec SoCloz

SoCloz continue son ascension en Europe. Ce mois-ci, nous avons intégré Merkal (220 magasins) dans toute l’Espagne, ainsi que Jules en Italie et les enseignes Beaumanoir Cache-Cache, Bonobo, Bréal et Morgan en Belgique. Déjà présent dans 9 pays, notre stratégie internationale continue de s’affirmer.<br/> To be continued…


Application mobile d’E-réservation

Les demandes de réservation sont répondues depuis la caisse, mais celle-ci n’est pas toujours disponible et proche de la réserve. Afin d’améliorer le temps de réponse et la satisfaction client, nous avons conçu une application Androïd spécifique pour vos vendeurs. Celle-ci est disponible sans plus attendre. Et comme vous n’êtes pas tous équipés de smartphones ou tablettes en magasins nous avons même imaginé une offre clé en main pour cela. Nos consultants sont à votre disposition pour vous expliquer comment en bénéficier sur simple demande.

SoCloz raised over £3M

More resources to increase our footprint in the UK

On June 21st, SoCloz secured additional funding in excess of £3M from French Tech investors Alven Capital, Fa#, Benoît Sillard (ex-CEO of CCM Benchmark) and Jean Losco. We would like to thank our investors for their backing which will allow us to increase our rate of expansion within the UK.


Come meet us at eCommerce expo!

We will be exhibiting at eCommerce expo on September 28th-29th. Come meet us on booth E518 for a chat about how SoCloz can help your stores go digital.


3 questions to Arnaud, Sales Consultant UK

1.What is your role here at SoCloz?

My role is to help U.K. retailers be successful in their digital transformation.SoCloz has been working with retailers all over Europe to help them be at the forefront of the digital revolution, it is my aim to bring the same kind of service to as many U.K. retailers as possible. I am here to help them identify the best strategy to increase their competitivity, profitability and client satisfaction, both online and in-store.

2.In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge currently faced by retailers?

What is at stake here is breaking the boundaries between web and retail once and for all. We need to bring a true omnicanal shopping experience to customers. Many British retailers have already worked on creating a link between their eCommerce website and stores using Click&Collect. However we must go a lot further if we want to keep up with customer expectation. We need to bring digital experiences in-store: offering mobile payment, providing mobile devices to make sure customers can purchase an out of stock product in one click, allowing customers to book a meeting with a personal shopper online, I could go on…

3.SoCloz in a few words ?

The best way to successfully provide new digital services to customers.