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Are sales coming to an end?

10 july 2018

Two weeks after the launch of the 2018 Summer sales, time has come for first conclusions.

SoCloz has noticed that for the first time, the rate of online orders is decreasing. Is this observation a sign that sales are dying? Is it a surprise? Not really…

These past years, brands have multiplied sales operations such as private sales throughout the year. This trend has desacralised what sales were in the mind of the consumers. But is it really a problem? Not at all. If retailers used sales to eliminate their stock at the end of the season, brands are now equipped with digital solutions that allow them to do so all year long. The results are impressing with some of our customers…

Time has come to stop being the spectators of a rising trend which is probably one of the signs that retail is fundamentally changing. Retail has not said its final word yet !” an analysis by Jérémie Herscovic.

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