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What omnichannel strategy did Finsbury implement to sell more of its store inventory?

by the numbers


Creation of the brand








Creation of the e-commerce website


for every € invested

The Finsbury brand

Finsbury was founded in the Northampton region of England, which is famous for being the birthplace of the Goodyear welted shoe. Founded by Jean-Pierre Dahan and David Cohen, the company then moved to Paris, France in 1986. The founders’ goal was to position Finsbury as the leading competitive brand on the market, offering premium quality shoes at a reasonable price. Because of the trendy designs of its creations, the brand quickly established itself as the new leader in premium men’s footwear for both traditional and modern customers. Then, in 2016, the brand launched a line of hand-patinated leather goods for men, following the example of the great luxury leather goods manufacturers.

We also manage our inventories better, customer satisfaction has improved and we have more and more omnichannel customers, who spend an average of €100 more per year. So we have had very good results!

Clément Fouillet, e-Commerce & CRM Manager at Finsbury Shoes

Scenarios, features and the IS environment at Finsbury


The Socloz E-Reservation system

More in-store traffic

A new buying experience for your customers

Up to 30% cross-sales by your sales force

More than 8 out of 10 people  visit the store

Quick and easy implementation  in just one month

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