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Let's build tomorrow's in-store shopping experience together

Digital transformation in the Retail sector has accelerated in recent years. This market has needed to adapt quickly to meet new consumer expectations.

These days, consumers want to be able to make any purchase they wish, from anywhere, at any time, with their preferred payment method. From the brand’s perspective, stores have been digitalized, online and offline stock have been unified, and sales associates are more vital than ever to the brand’s prospects for growth.

Welcome to the omnichannel era, the age of immediacy, when consumers can place an order using multiple distribution channels from a single brand.

Against this backdrop, SoCloz upholds the values of technological innovation, offering new features to its clients and totally reinventing the omnichannel experience for sales associates! SoCloz, the European leader, covers more than 35,000 stores across over 18 countries.


Every SoClozian is energized by the retail and digital world,
and they apply that passion to their work with you.


Moving forward hand in hand, in a long-term partnership characterized by kindness and trust.


Anticipating the needs of the retail sector and developing solutions that revolutionize your in-store associates' day-to-day work with curiosity, creativity, and bold thinking.


Dialoguing with you and adapting to your constraints to meet your performance goals.


Taking on ambitious challenges and striving for efficiency, never losing sight of your growth objectives.

The management team

Key Statistics

The 2020 merger of Savoye and SoCloz increases the Group's international profile

150 brands

35 000 digitized stores

18 countries

+30% revenue for our clients