Commerce Digitalisation

SoCloz equip your sales team for enhanced customer experience


Generate additional footfall

Click & Reserve

A customer reserves a product on your website, and purchase in store.

Click & Collect

A customer order online and collect its parcel from the store of its choice.

Express Click & Collect

A customer order online and collect its order the same day in the store of its choice. The order is fulfilled from store stock.

Increase in-store conversion

In Store Order

Customers can purchase unavailable products from a sales assistant, equipped with a phone or tablet.


Customer purchases are checked out directly in-aisle to avoid checkout queues.


Sales assistants can access and enrich customer knowledge.

Optimise brand operations and improve customer experience

Express Delivery

Customer orders online and is delivered the same day, with fulfillement from your network of stores.

Unified stock

Central, web and store stocks are unified to fulfil orders from the most relevant stock location.


A single and complete solution

One-stop-shop interface designed for sales assistants

All SoCloz features are accessed through an intuitive interface, designed especially for sales assistants. No training is required, and the gain in productivity is immediate.

Multilingual phone support

Our multilingual store support team works hand in hand with your network to assist them in their daily use of SoCloz services.

Integrated hardware management

SoCloz offer turnkey management for the hardware fleet whatever the kind of devices: smartphone, tablets, payment terminal, cash drawer, scanner… For the hardware choice to swap in case of breakdown we are here to assist you.

Visibility on our partners' websites

Your products can be reserved on our partners' websites (Altaréa, Carmila - Carrefour, Immochan, Mappy).