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Powering the sales associate experience

E-commerce created new customer expectations stores fail to integrate

With the commoditization of e-commerce, customers’ expectations are no longer aligned with the experience they live in-store and 68% of them are not happy with their in-store shopping experience.
According to a Viavoice survey for SoCloz, clients want to be sure to find their products in the aisle (88%) and no longer suffer out of stock (82%). Customers are looking for same-day delivery (78%) and avoid queuing for checkout (73%).

Your in-store sales team doesn’t have the tools to deliver the expected customer experience. They need to deal with too many interfaces, without priority management. The features that generate in-store traffic are functionally limited, with complex ergonomics and incompatible with processes.

SoCloz allow you to create the customer experience you need.

Free your sales assistants from the till and provide your clients with the experiences they ask for.

Deliver your clients the experience they await:

  • – Web to store
  • – Store to web – Say goodbye to checkout queue
  • – Unified commerce experience

SoCloz is sales associates best friends thanks to:

  • – A simple mobile interface
  • – A task manager for eased priorisation
  • – A support that assist stores
  • – A turnkey solution for software and devices (phones, tablets, EPDs, etc.)
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