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Powering the sales associate experience

Stores fail to meet the shopping standards imposed by E-commerce.

The boom of e-commerce has eased consumers’ expectations in terms of the standards of a good shopping experience. Today 68% of consumers say they are not satisfied with the in-store experience they are offered.

According to a SoCloz study operated by ViaVoice, 88% of the consumers want the guarantee that they will find their products in the aisle before coming to the store (ie. avoid stock shortages). In addition, 78% of them are looking for same-day-delivery options and 73% would like to avoid queing for checkout.

Today, your sales teams are not equipped with the adequate tools to satisfy their customers’ expectations. Instead, they dispose of a wide range of poorly intuitive tools, that are, functionally limited, poorly ergonomic and often incompatible one with another.

SoCloz allows you to design the customer experience you need

Free your sales assistants from the till and provide your customers with the experience they deserve.

Provide your customers, with:

  • – Web-to-store solutions
  • – Web-in-store solutions
  • – Ship-from-store solutions

SoCloz will become your salesperson bestfriend thanks to:

  • – Its unique and intuitive interface
  • – Its smart task-manager
  • – Its multilingual store assistance
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