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Over 70 SoClozians are right by your side, day in and day out, to guide your omnichannel transformation.

150 brands

35 000 digitized stores

18 countries

+30% revenue for our clients

Give your sales associates a leading role in in-store omnichannel performance

88% of customers want to be certain their product is available

78% of customers would like same-day delivery

73% of customers don't want to wait in checkout lines anymore

Give your sales associates a leading role in in-store omnichannel performance

These days, 68% of consumers are dissatisfied with their in-store shopping experience.* That means consumers expect new in-store services so they can have a “pain-free” experience. These days, consumers want to be able to make any purchase they wish, from anywhere, at any time, with their preferred payment method.

With so many new services available in stores, existing checkout systems are on their way out. Brands no longer need a checkout system; they need a single in-store interface designed with the sales associate in mind. Traditional checkout systems aren’t just obsolete; they’re not sufficiently intuitive. Their infrastructure doesn’t work with online payment and in-store picking, for example, and the migrations can be complicated. With the SoCloz omnichannel platform, the sales associate is more central to the action than ever before. Associates now have a key interface in hand, so they can manage the full range of omnichannel orders.

*According to a ViaVoice study for SoCloz

The SoCloz Platform Software Suite

Order Management System - OMS

• Coordinate your e-commerce and in-store omnichannel orders
• Eliminate the issue of out-of-stock inventory
• Optimize the distribution of your stock

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Point of Sale System - POS

• Enable in-store sales associates to take orders via mobile device or at the register.
• Give associates access to your full product line from the SoCloz associate interface, available via tablet
• Offer associates the opportunity to establish, populate, and access CRM data

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Store Management System – SMS (In-store WMS)

• Simplify your sales associates' everyday tasks with a simple, intuitive interface and help them manage in-store omnichannel order fulfillment
• Enable associates to manage customer returns
• Simplify in-store stock management by enabling associates to take inventory with the SoCloz interface

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