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E-commerce VS Stores

E-commerce has entirely transformed the way that we shop and is now the cutting-edge shopping experience in the minds of consumers.

88% of customers want to be sure to find their product

78% of customers want to be delivered in the day

73% 73% of customers want to stop waiting at checkout

E-commerce VS Stores

E-commerce has entirely transformed the way that we shop and is now the cutting-edge shopping experience in the minds of consumers.

The emergence of e-commerce has played a role in making the traditional in-store experience obsolete. Today, 68% of consumers say they are not satisfied with the in-store experience they are offered. Consumers are therefore waiting for new in-store services so that they can have a “pain-free” experience. According to a ViaVoice survey for SoCloz, consumers want to feel sure that they can find their product before coming to a store (88%) and not experience stock shortages. They’re also looking for same-day-delivery options (78%) and no longer want to have to queue up to pay (73%). The surge in new in-store services is spelling the end for cash-register systems in their current guise. Retailers no longer need to have a cash-register system, but instead need to have a comprehensive sales-assistant tool which includes all of these new services expected by consumers, including payment. As a result, they’re challenging the design of current cash-register systems (sales interfaces which aren’t easy enough to use; infrastructure that has not been made for making payments online, but with in-store pick up instead; cumbersome migrations in order to benefit from trends and more).

SoCloz, the sales experience that you need

Remove the shackles of static cash registers from your sales assistants and provide your customers with the best shopping experience thanks to our solution :

One platform, limitless possibilities

Here are some examples :


Click & Reserve

Generate additional in-store traffic through online reservations, with no prepayment. As a result, bring some magic back to the customer experience thanks to this first step in digitally transforming your retail brand.

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In-Store-Order & POS

Eliminate stock shortages and help to extend your range by processing orders on the shop floor and taking payment in the aisle, all in a single payment !

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Unified Stock

Unify your stock and select the right stocking location to handle an online or store order. As a result, eliminate stock shortages and improve your (on/off line) turnover, thanks to improved stock flows!

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POS - encaissement

Adopt the next-generation sales-assistant tool which meets all sales-assistant needs and incorporates payment features. We’ve come up with the cash-register interface of the future for you, and it’s here for you to enjoy.

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The benefits of SoCloz

1A platform with a full range of features

A single platform for equipping yourself for all digitalisation needs. Interlinked features which enable full processes to be carried out.

2Ultra high-performance features

Dual objective: satisfaction for sales assistants, with the most simple operating process (making operating systems complementary etc.), and for customers (seamless experience etc.).

3A unique interface which is easy to use

A unique sales-assistant interface (web and mobile app) which hugely simplifies operating processes, thanks to interfaces which complement each other.

4Great support

Support at every step of the way: support for implementation, after implementation, via performance monitoring and recommendations, network support and more.

5Integration into existing IT systems

The platform can be easily integrated into existing IT systems (ERP, cash-register system, e-commerce, CRM and more) – Webservices and flows.

6A hugely advantageous economic model

An SaaS model: set-up + subscription. By having services which complement each other, you can enjoy scaling effects and therefore competitive pricing.

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