The omnichannel path that builds  customer loyalty.

Do your customers want to reserve an  item before deciding to buy it  in the store ?
Your Socloz omnichannel expert has the  solution !

Let your customers reserve items for free online. Your sales teams can set the item aside and your customers can come to the  store if they decide to buy it.


Up to 5% additional in-store sales

More in-store traffic

A new buying experience for your customers

Up to 30% cross-sales by your sales force

More than 8 out of 10 people visit the store

Quick and easy implementation in just one month


A pop-in in just three steps

A personalized design for each brand

A 100% mobile-friendly pop-in

An anti "no show" algorithm

Pre-configured customer and store workflows

A web and mobile application tailored to the needs of your in-store sales staff

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