Order  management

A store space adapted to the daily life of your sales staff in the field, for optimized omnichannel  order management.

Are you looking for a turnkey tool to better manage  your omnichannel  in-store  orders? The Socloz Store WMS is made for you and your  sales staff !

Choosing Socloz Store WMS means empowering 100% of your sales staff, and helping them manage their omnichannel orders on a daily basis. Accepting, refusing and even preparing orders according to available  in-store inventories for  in-store pickup, home delivery or delivery to another store is now easier than  ever!


More in-store traffic

Move more of your in-store inventory

Improve your customers' shopping experience

Reduce your delivery costs and shipping times

Optimize your sales staff’s experience

Quick and easy implementation in just three months


A single, compatible web and mobile interface

100% simple and intuitive

Easy order access

Checkout alert upon receipt of an omnichannel order to be processed

A reminder IVR for current requests

Easier access to documents required for delivery

Real-time updating of your delivery information

Pre-configured customer and store workflows

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