Ship from Store

The omnichannel path that enhances your  customers’ shopping experience.

Do your customers want to place an  order online and have it delivered to  their door as quickly as possible ?
Now they can, with Ship from Store by Socloz !

Let your customers place their  orders online and have it delivered in less than three hours. How is this possible? You can do this by turning your stores into network of local mini warehouses ready to receive and/or prepare orders for home delivery to your  customer.


Up to 11% additional in-store sales

Move more of your in-store inventory

Improve your customer's shopping experience

Up to 30% cross-sales by your sales force

Reduce your delivery costs and shipping times

Quick and easy implementation in just three months


Turn your network of stores into a catchment area for fast deliveries

100% integrated into your e-commerce website

Our easy-to-configure rules engine adapts to your organization

Pre-configured customer and store workflows

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