OMS, the  software for  your omnichannel transformation

The key to your omnichannel transformation, Socloz OMS!

Make the most of your  warehouse and store inventories and never miss another sale with E-Reservation, Click & Collect and/or Ship from Store..

How it works Unify all your physical inventories and access their availability in real time, regardless of the distribution channel: e-commerce, marketplaces, in-store, distance selling, etc.

When you choose Socloz OMS, you’re choosing to ensure sales growth and customer satisfaction !


20% less out-of-stock items on  average

Move more of your  in-store inventory

Reduce your delivery costs and shipping times

Increases customer  satisfaction and loyalty

30% more online sales on  average

Rapid implementation in  less than four months


Unify your  inventories

  • Easily define which stores are eligible for order picking (branches vs. affiliates)
  • Centralize your available inventories from a single source
  • Benefit from real-time updates from all your distribution channels
  • Apply safety margins to avoid disappointing your customers
  • Easily manage reserved inventories in Socloz OMS
  • Benefit from simplified, agile inventory integration 

Orchestrate your orders

  • Easily configure each of your scenarios with our rules engine
  • Prioritize queries to warehouse locations which have enough inventory to fill the entire order
  • Request the right inventory at the right place according to your business rules, using a wide range of parameters
  • Call on any warehouse location, regardless of delivery method
  • Use our intelligent algorithm to query your stores, without requesting more inventory than they actually have, while guaranteeing delivery

Optimize and organize your Logistics & Transport

  • Easily handle all customer in-store requests with our Store WMS
  • Manage and organize your warehouse logistics while optimizing the organization of your physical distribution network
  • Benefit from numerous natively connected carriers: standard, express, last mile, etc.
  • Generate transport labels and store pickup requests in real time
  • Edit all your documents: invoices, delivery notes, customs forms, etc.
  • Benefit from real-time delivery updates in the customer account

Discover all our omnichannel paths
and deploy them easily
with Socloz in just five months!