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Discover the Omnichannel Partner Ecosystem

The partner network at the service of omnichannel excellence

The Omnichannel Partner Ecosystem is a network of over fifty international technology and strategic partners at the service of omnichannel projects for online retailers.

The business and technology players who join this network are committed to contributing the best of their expertise to promote innovation, performance and growth for the customer accounts of Socloz, a specialist in omnichannel transformation.

For retailers, choosing a Socloz partner who is a member of the Omnichannel Partner Ecosystem means choosing the best possible expertise to guarantee the success of their omnichannel projects.

The primary reason retailers come to Socloz is to benefit from this omnichannel expertise. On average, we work with around twenty partners on a given project. It was only natural for Socloz to create a network of omnichannel experts to support our customers’ growth, year after year, and to multiply the power of tomorrow’s retailers.

Agnès de Rougé, Head of Partnerships

Solution Partners

Selected by Socloz, the omnichannel transformation strategist, these “business” partners provide design, implementation, strategic consulting and integration services based on Socloz.

  • Framing and assistance with selection
  • IT and business ecosystem construction and IT integration support
  • Analysis and implementation of omnichannel pathways
  • Redesign and replatforming
  • Omnichannel strategy management

Discover our Solution Partners

Technology Partners

Socloz, a specialist in omnichannel transformation,integrates seamlessly into all its customers’ IT ecosystems.

Unleash the power of your omnichannel scenarios by leveraging our numerous predefined integrations and APIs to link your ERP and checkout systems, your E-commerce CMS, your payment solutions and your shipping networks to build the best omnichannel shopping experience on the market.

Discover our Technology Partners

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Socloz is a key partner for Shopify Plus. Their platform enables our merchants to increase the omnichannel potential of Shopify. The launch of the Socloz application on our store provides our customers and partner agencies with a turnkey installation of Socloz omnichannel bricks for our Shopify Plus merchants.

Elie Hosansky, Senior Partnerships & Business Development Manager, France