Click & Collect Express

A 100% omnichannel experience geared towards customer satisfaction and  in-store cross-sales

Your customers want to place their orders online and pick them up as quickly as possible from the store of their choice ?
Socloz, your omnichannel expert, has the  solution !

Let your customers place their orders  online, free of charge. Once a member of your sales staff has received and set aside the order, your customer can come and pick up their order in the store within two hours of  placing their order.


Up to 5% additional in-store sales

More in-store traffic

A new buying experience for your customers

Up to 30% cross-sales by your sales force

Optimized delivery and logistics costs

Quick and easy implementation in just one month


100% integrated into your e-commerce website

Our easy-to-configure rules engine adapts to your organization

Pre-configured customer and store workflows

Guaranteed in-store pick-up within two hours

Personalized customer communication

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Omnichannel by Socloz: let our customers tell you all about it!