Managing  returns

A practical and comprehensive module for a  successful  in-store sales experience.

Does your customer  want to come to one of your  stores  to return an item purchased on your e-commerce platform? With Store WMS, it can be done !

The returns management module allows your  in-store sales staff to accept the return of an item that your customer purchased on your e-commerce website or  in your store. Refund, exchange and complete your customer’s order from the Socloz store space in just a few quick and easy steps.


More in-store traffic

Move more of your in-store inventory

Improve your customers' shopping experience

More cross-sales opportunities for your sales staff

Optimize your sales staff’s experience

Quick and easy implementation in just one month


Web and mobile compatible module

100% simple and intuitive

Easy order access

Check the eligibility of items for return

Customization and tracking of the reason for return

Make refunds, exchanges or additional sales via the Socloz mobile app.

Pre-configured customer and store workflows

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