Mobile  checkout

A mobile application that allows your  in-store sales staff to check out customer orders on their  mobile devices

Does your customer want to pay online for an order placed with one of your  in-store  salespeople?
The Socloz mPOS omnichannel platform makes it possible !

Enable your sales staff to collect payment from customers  in the store after taking their  orders online via the Socloz sales app on their mobile devices. Once the customer data has been collected, payment can then be made by sending the customer an SMS or email which includes a payment link that you have  generated (via PSP connection).


20% less out-of-stock items on average

Reduces waiting times at checkout

Improve your customers' shopping experience and their awareness of your brand

7% increase in sales / store

Provide access to a unified catalog

Quick and easy implementation in just three months


Mobile compatible module

100% simple and intuitive

Credit card, check or cash payment are also possible when connected to your cashier system

Easy access to your entire product catalog

The Socloz sales app is NF525 certified

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