Socloz technological expertise

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Our ommitments

Innovation, security and  technical expertise from the Socloz teams

At Socloz, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and technically advanced solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We are highly  committed to modernity, continuous optimization and security.

Security & Backup

We host and back up your data on a secure, redundant infrastructure, provided by our partners Microsoft Azure and Claranet. Two leaders in the public and private cloud.

Data & Compliance

Data security is one of our top priorities. We use data anonymization techniques adapted to the realities of data processing, and we host European data in Europe to ensure compliance with the GDPR and other regulatory standards.

Expertise & Commitment

Our team is our greatest asset. We strive to offer our customers the best possible level of service. We do not outsource, and our entire platform is built in-house.

API First & Webhook

This strategy allows us to offer your technical teams and/or service providers complete, real-time interface options between all your information systems.

Adaptability & Connectivity

Modular architecture for easy integration with various systems such as ERP, CMS, POS, PIM, etc. Teams dedicated to data processing and customer information systems, capable of adapting to complex cases.

Scalability & Agility

We maintain a constant technological watch, to stay up-to-date with the latest advances. Our SAAS platform is built around continuous improvement and deployment. We deploy updates at least once a week, providing fixes and offering new features on an ongoing basis.

Microservices & Event-driven

Our cloud-first approach and our microservice and event-driven architectures enable us to quickly and automatically scale our infrastructure to maintain a stable level of service on the platform in any situation.

Web & Responsive

We offer a number of dynamic and responsive web interfaces to adapt to all screens, whether for administration or in-store sales.

Mobility & App Native

When it comes to mobility options, Socloz favors the use of native or hybrid technologies in-store, for an optimal sales experience and for interaction with a variety of devices. These technologies also enable us to offer a disconnected mode, to address in-store connectivity issues.

Infrastructure & Cloud First

We use PAAS, CAAS, SAAS and Serverless infrastructures to maximize scaling, security and maintenance, in order to concentrate on what we do best: providing software solutions.

SAAS & International

Socloz is a shared SAAS platform. This approach enables us to offer fast, competitive, high-availability deployment which is accessible from anywhere in the world. We respect and host European data according to the local regulations in the countries where we operate.

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