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Customer Satisfaction: A major omnichannel challenge for Le Temps des Cerises

Le Temps des Cerises
by the numbers


Creation of the brand




37 Stores worldwide




of additional in-store sales with In Store Order

More than 50

stores equipped with sales associate tablets

The Le Temps des Cerises brand

Founded in 1998 in Marseille by Lylian Richardière and specializing in jeans, the brand offers clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Inspired since childhood by her father, Gil Richardière, and by denim, Lylian has made a huge contribution to the popularity of faded jeans. Denim fabric gets its name from the city of Nîmes, where it was originally woven to make sturdy clothing for workmen.

The order-taking and mobile checkout system is now an essential and indispensable tool for our sales teams: they can’t live without it!

Le Temps des Cerises

Scenarios, features and the IS environment at Le Temps des Cerises


The Socloz OMS

Move more of your in-store inventory

Reduce your delivery costs and shipping times

Increases customer  satisfaction and loyalty

30% more online sales on average

Rapid implementation in less than four months

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