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How Weill chose the new Socloz OMS to support its omnichannel transformation

by the numbers


Creation of the brand




Stores  worldwide


Creation of the e-commerce website


in omnichannel sales

E-Reservation: 80+%

conversion rate

The Weill brand

A French brand created by Albert Weill over a century ago, the brand offers the ideal wardrobe for today’s Parisian woman. A subtle blend of iconic and contemporary pieces, and a tradition synonymous with excellence. A ready-to-wear pioneer in the 50s, the brand opened its first chain store in the 1980s and went international in the 2000s. Today, Weill is rethinking itself as a 100% omnichannel brand, and has chosen Socloz to support its new endeavor.

Choosing Socloz meant that we would be able to meet our challenges by using the best solution on the market, the one that we were most convinced would work for us. It wasn’t just a question of equipping our network of stores with a high-performance digital solution, but of choosing to be supported by a player with proven omnichannel expertise, and whose interfaces are perfectly adapted to the needs of our in-store salespeople in “the field.”

Alexandre Weill, CEO of Weill

Scenarios, features and the IS environment at  Weill


Socloz Ship from Store

Up to 11% additional in-store sales

Move more of your in-store inventory

Improve your customer's shopping experience

Up to 30% cross-sales by your sales force

Reduce your delivery costs and shipping times

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