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Covid & Inventory Management
Good practices


What tools are needed to facilitate the flow of surplus inventories in stores?

Stores should always be regarded as a support for the e-commerce website. To do this, excellent inventory management is essential. This is often where the problem lies: there is often a big difference between the theoretical and actual inventories. Unless you have an order management software (OMS) solution that unifies inventories (i.e. consolidates inventories with all the retailer’s storage points), it is impossible to retrieve an order placed on the e-commerce website from a given store’s inventory.

What saved our business during COVID was deploying E-Reservation with Socloz in 2019, before moving on to unifying our inventory […]. Gradually, our points of sale were transformed into mini-warehouses to the handle orders placed online. By the time the items had been delivered to the retailers and then to the individual stores, the warehouse only held 10% of the inventory.


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